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What we do

Since its inception in 1979, the Garston and District Historical Society has been actively involved in collecting and recording items of historical interest about the Garston area and its people. Much of this work has been published in a series of research monographs which are available for purchase from the Society, see Publications link opposite for more details. The Society is always ready to publish people's memories about their lives in Garston. If you feel you're able to put pen to paper and would like your Garston memories preserved for future generations, do contact the Society using the Contact tab link opposite.

An important aspect of the Society's work has been the recording of changes to the Garston built environment over the last 30 or so years. This photographic archive will prove invaluable to future generations.

During 2007, the major Project was the further collection of hundreds of historical photographs from the people of Garston. This was a major task but resulted in the successful publication in September 2007 by Tempus Books of
"Garston Re-Visited". In addition a number of short monographs about people's Garston memories were published.

Current Projects

1. Oral History Recording Project

This on going project was initiated in late 2008. It's the intention to interview local people about their memories of their lives in the Garston and surrounding areas. This project has been made possible through the support of an 825 grant from the Liverpool City Council's Empowering Neighbourhood Scheme. So far about 30 recording sessions have been completed either with individuals or groups.

Garston Ladies' Club Oral History Recording Session

Can you Help Us?

We now seek the help of further volunteers for this Garston Oral History project. Can you help us?

So what's involved? It's quite simple really. Just contact the Society and we'll arrange to meet you to record your Garston memories. Usually these recording sessions last about 30 minutes but can be as short or as long as you wish. The recording will be edited and put onto an audio CD, and also transcribed into booklet form. Your important memories about life in the Garston area would then serve as a permanent record of times past. Nothing would be published without first getting approval from the person/people involved.

So you would, in taking part in this project, be making an important contribution to Liverpool and Garston's social history. If so, contact the Society via the contact link on the left of this page.

2. Garston Every Street Photographic Project

Street Sign in Garston

This project started in November 2009 with the objective of photographing items of interest in every street in the area defined by the 1900 boundaries of the Township of Garston. In rough terms these are from Otterspool Park to Banks Lane and the Liverpool- London Railway line to the River Mersey. It thus encompasses the districts now known as Aigburth, Grassendale and Garston. To aid the project, the township map was divided up into approxomately 20 x 1 km squares with individual members taking responsibility for a chosen kilometre square. We're pleased to say after a lot of hard work by our members, the project is now complete. Work is now progessing in suitably archiving this substantial digital database.

Garston Historical Records Digitisation Project

The society has the objective of digitising all its Historical Records. Currently some thousands of old photographic images have been digitised. These images have been donated to the Society by members of the public living in Garston and surrounding districts. When this part of the project is complete, it is planned to digitise our more important paper records.

4. St Mary's Rd Garston Shop Survey

In 2018, the Society plans to interview all the shop keepers on St Mary's Rd, Garston. We shall endevour to record these interviews and also photograph the shops. This is an important project as it will able the society to establish a modern record of currrent trading patterns in St Mary's Rd and to compare these with earlier generations.

5. WW1 centenary project

WW1 War Memorial at St Michael's Church, Garston. This involved researching at the 227 names on the memorial. This project is now complete and the results were published in Noember 2016

WW1 War memorial at St Michael's Church, Church Rd, Garston

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